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Mar 4, 2014 4:00am PST
the country could face costly sanctions over the conflict. secretary of state john kerry travels to the ukrainan capital of kiev today. members of the european union call a meeting for thursday and russian president vladimir putin responds that he has the right to invade the ukraine. let's get down to it with glenn schultz of performance trust. he's watching the market for us today. bring us up to date on the market reaction so far to the ukraine-russia situation. >>right now the market's reaction has been relatively benign. we really haven't seen a powerful quality trade coming into the markets yet although we have seen it somewhat. on monday evening the treasuries closed at about a 260 yieldand we did see risk assets soften somewhat. so we have seen a rotation from risk assets into the safe haven assets. i would expect today to see a continuation of the flight to quality trade but the market is really standing down in terms of a really powerful flight to quality trade to assess what's going on with respect to the ukraine. so obama came out and said any kind of military interven
Mar 5, 2014 4:00am PST
package for ukraine's economy, as secretary of state john kerry met with government officials in kiev. mr kerry then met with russia's foreign minister in the first meeting since the crisis began. tensions have been on the rise since russian troops invaded crimea, a region populated by both ukrainian and russian citizens. the white house is preparing economic sanctions if russia does not comply with the request to remove troops from crimea, within days. russian president vladmir putin contends russia reserves the right to protect its people. as tensions simmer down for now-- russia is stepping up its natural gas game. russia is the second largest producer of the energy...and much of its oil flows through ukrainian pipelines to the rest of europe. russian natural gas monopoly gazprom plans to discontinue discounts on the nat gas it delivers to ukraine starting early next month. gazprom claims the ukraine is not fulfilling contractual obligations. fox business news analyst and oil trader phil flynn has this take.. " when we look at ukraine it's kind of the tale of two markets: you've got
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2